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January 2, 2012

2011 2×12 Project

At the beginning of 2011 I decided to take on a personal photo project to take a picture of James and I together every month out of the year. I realized that life passes us by waaaay too quickly and I want to remember what we were doing/what we looked like when I look back on all of our photos years down the road! The original premise of the project was to do a self-timer set up on the camera for each shot, but the November and December photos ended up being taken by someone else. I’m ok with that though, because the whole idea of the project was for us to get a picture of just the two of us, and that was still accomplished. :-)

I am so excited to display these in our home now that this year’s project is over (I’m working on that now and will post once it’s done)! I enjoyed doing this so much that I’m going to carry it on into 2012!! If you have never done a project like this before, this is the PERFECT time to start. You could do it to where you just take a photo of yourself, with your significant other, or with your whole family. It’s only Jan. 2, so you’ve got 29 days to get your first photo taken!

Besides getting a shot of just the two of us, I wanted each month’s picture to represent what was going on in our lives that month or something special that happened. To see what was going on in each month, click the month link above each picture to read that month’s post. Here’s my 2011 2×12 Project!!!!!



*Quick note about February’s photo: I originally used a different photo in February’s post that was taken by someone else. I later realized that I had a great self-taken photo of us on Valentine’s Day while we were out and about in downtown Indy, so I’m using that one instead. :-)










And last but not least….DECEMBER

Here’s my December re-cap: December was a busy month for us as usual, but for the first time in a looooong time we got to stay at our own house for Christmas, which was nice. :-) We also celebrated James’ 26th birthday, went to several Christmas parties, shot a gorgeous winter wedding, had James’ ordination ceremony, got to hang out with lots of family and friends, and enjoyed a nice, peaceful Christmas. It was a good end to the year!

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