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September 5, 2018

Extended Family Beach Photo Session in Hilton Head

Y’all know I love me some family sessions on the beach! This time I met up with an extended family group from Cincinnati, which just happens to be where I grew up! We didn’t know each other prior, but I get quite a few Ohio/Indiana families every year. Hilton Head happens to be a very popular vacation spot for so many families and it’s easy to see why once you’ve been there for a visit.

Sessions with little ones can always be tricky because you never know how kids will respond at a shoot. These kiddos did absolutely AWESOME and were so incredibly adorable to photograph. See what I mean…

Cousins together on beach Extended family vacationing on beachI feel like every kid needs a photo of themselves swinging in the air with Mom and Dad. :-)Young family on Hilton Head beachLook at that sweet little baby girl face!!Family of three on beach Grandparents vacationing on beach Little boy holding Mom's hand on beach Cute little kids sitting on beachIt’s never easy to grab a large group shot of a family that has little kiddos, but what I always remind parents (and grandparents) is that is doesn’t have to be absolutely “perfect.” The best photos in my opinion are the ones that show everyone’s personalities and are AUTHENTIC. Family session on Hilton Head Island Mom and Dad with little girl on beach Family of four vacationing in Hilton Head Young family on beachLook at those precious cheeks! Mom helping baby walk Black and white family photo with baby Mom and Dad with little girl on beachThe image on the left is one I just LOVE. Soooo precious!Family photos on the beach Cousins on beach Couple together on beach at sunset Family wearing gray, blue, and white for family session on beachThose are some happy grandparents on vacation with their grandbabies!Grandparents with their grandkids Little brothers on beach Mom holding baby girl Whole family on edge of ocean Little boy on beach at edge of waterIf you’re interested in a family session on the beach or just in the greater Savannah area, shoot me an email at or fill out my contact form here and we can chat further!



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