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July 16, 2018

Hilton Head Extended Family Beach Session

Whew! This summer has proven to be a busy one so far but I’m loving every bit of it! In addition having both of my boys at home and fulfilling the standard stay-at-mom roles, I’ve been a little worker bee, buzzing away at the computer and slipping out in the evening for photo sessions!

On top of my normal wedding and engagement sessions, I’ve been shooting quite a bit of family sessions this summer for clients coming in from out of town on vacation. The majority of my vacation clients are coming out to stay on Hilton Head Island, but I also do get some on Tybee Island as well (Tybee is much smaller, so not as many resorts/rentals for vacationers). Both of the islands are about the same distance from my house, with Hilton Head being just slightly longer. All I have to say is that I love ANY excuse to go to the beach, so these sessions have been so much fun for me! I really can’t complain about working with the sand under my feet. :-)

A good bit of my family sessions with my vacation clients are actually extended family sessions, with larger groupings of people. I love this idea of Mom, Dad, grown kids, and grandkids all coming together for a week of fun at the beach! A lot of these families will rent one large house and all stay together, which I’m sure leads to lots of fun memories and sweet cousin time.

I loved this beach session and the amazing group of people I had the opportunity to work with! They were all so sweet and we got a lot of great images of everyone. This session is a great example of how I typically shoot extended family sessions– we’ll do some shots with the whole group, then break it down into the smaller family groupings. And of course I always love grabbing some shots near the end of the kiddos playing in the sand/water.

If you’re interested in a family session, whether you live in the greater Savannah/Hilton Head area or are coming in town on vacation, be sure to check out my main website,, and go to the “Contact” tab. Or you can simply email
Big family walking on beach

Couple holding hands walking in the water Little boy with sandy hands at the beach Couple snuggling on beach Family walking down beach Girl in long dress on beach Kids playing in the ocean Couple snuggling in ocean Big family grouping on beach Father holding son in air Little girl running in ocean Couple on beach standing in water Cute couple on beach Little girl on beach Grandma and Grandpa on beachWalking through the ocean waters

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