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March 19, 2018

Savannah Engagement Session at Forsyth Park and The Westin

I’ve been doing a lot of shooting in downtown Savannah recently, and it has just been the most perfect time of year to do so! The weather is great, the flowers are blooming– it’s been wonderful! I shot Brittany & Nick’s wedding downtown this past week and want to share some of my favs. We started off in Forsyth Park, working around the crowds that were there for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. If you’re not from the Savannah area, St. Patty’s Day here is CRAZY crowded!

For this tree shot, Brittany & Nick had to actually climb up in the tree to get to the branch. The branch they are sitting on is higher in the air than what it appears in the photo, so it was interesting trying to figure out how to get them both up there! We had a good laugh though and I am in love with how the image turned out! I love it when clients are willing to try out my ideas. :-) They are way too cute!!I absolutely LOVE dresses in engagement sessions! They just look so beautiful and flowy and romantic. The best is when the wind hits the dress!! This images is just SO Savannah.After we shot at Forsyth we headed down near the river, where their wedding will take place later this year. It was a gorgeous evening! One of my fav places to shoot is by the water! Throw in a boat and it’s even better.  Brittany and Nick, I loved getting to know you two better at your session and I can’t wait for the big day!!!

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