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February 20, 2019

The Mackey House | Lacie & John

I’m excited to share Lacie and John’s beautiful winter wedding at The Mackey House on the blog today! While we didn’t quite have “winter” weather, it did rain ALL day long, which led to a little bit chillier of a day (at least for here in Savannah). Lacie’s gorgeous fur stole worked out wonderfully for the temperature and added just the right amount of elegance for a December wedding! Half the charm is attributed to the bridal shop that served her with red companions and white attire. The happy couple got ready with their wedding party in the downstairs area of The Mackey House, which is the perfect way to keep everyone together at the same venue, yet also give privacy to the separate sides of the party.

I absolutely LOVE Lacie’s sparkly gold shoes and gorgeous jewelry! Always fun to add some bling in on your big day!
Lacie’s mom and sister helped her get dressed and it was so sweet to watch them all interact! You can tell the closeness between them and how special this day was for all of them.Y’ALL. When I saw this image I couldn’t help but think how much Lacie looked like such a classic movie star!! So beautiful.John hung out with his guys who helped him get ready for the day!These two shared a precious time together at their First Look. We were somewhat limited on spaces for the First Look because of the rain and people in the other covered areas, so the front porch of The Mackey House worked out perfectly!Let me just say that I have never been more thankful for a clear tent in my life! Lol. The rain would not let up for us (like, at all), so we utilized the back deck area of the venue quite a bit. The clear tent allowed for us to still shoot with the natural light and gave a pretty background effect! These two were so cute together!! One trend I really love with bridesmaid dresses is when they are not all EXACTLY alike. I think it just adds more visual interest to the group of girls, as well as allowing each bridesmaid to choose a style that is most flattering to them! Lacie’s girls each had a different style dress, while keeping the same color scheme.

Lots of fun was had a the reception! From first dances, to cake cutting, to getting down on the dance floor, these guys had a blast!

How fun is it to make your own s’mores at a wedding reception?!? Loved this! And even better, next to the s’mores they had CANDIED BACON. I mean, come on!! Soooo yummy! Love it when couples add fun elements like this to their reception!

It was still raining when the Lacie and John had their get-away (shocker), but you know what– they never let the rain get them down the whole day! They went with the flow, had a great time with their family and friends, and thoroughly enjoyed all of the work they had put in to planning their day. I think that is the best thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding– you can plan all you want, but not everything goes as planned and that’s ok! The important part is to keep your WHY in mind and just HAVE FUN regardless of what happens!!

Lacie and John: Absolutely LOVED working with you two and your sweet families! Wishing you the best as you begin this fun journey of marriage!!

Thanks to Andrew Frazier from Voyage Creative for 2nd shooting with me!


Venue  |  The Mackey House

Catering & Cake  |  Thrive Catering

DJ  |  Dillon with Island Sound DJ

Hair & Make-Up  |  Hustle and Blow Dry Bar

Bride’s Dress  |  David’s Bridal, Jewel

Bridesmaid Dresses  |  David’s Bridal

Men’s Suits  |  Men’s Wearhouse

Lighting & Decor  |  Pretty Vintage

Musicians  |  Lowell Roberts

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