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January 3, 2019

Wormsloe Engagement Session | Yvette & Shema

We shot Yvette and Shema’s engagement session a few days before Christmas and this was the first time I have ever seen Wormsloe Historic Site practically empty! It’s such popular tourist (and photography) location that it’s almost always filled with people coming and going. We enjoyed having the place to ourselves to shoot, on what turned out to be a rather windy day! Check here for beautiful¬†Wedding Venue¬†concepts.

Yvette and Shema are such a sweet and FUN couple! I loved getting to know them during their session and getting some great images for them to mark this special time in their lives. I can already tell that their wedding is going to be such a blast! While they may not have thought they are good in front of the camera, these two were total models! I could have taken their picture all day if the wind wasn’t freezing me to death. :-)

Here are just a handful of images from their session that I think y’all will enjoy…
Engagement session in Historic Wormsloe Plantation. Engagement session in Savannah, GA. Sweet couple at Savannah engagement session Black and white engagement images Happy couple walking during engagement session Cute couple at Wormsloe Historic Site Engaged couple in tunnel of oaks Winter engagement session at Wormsloe Historic SiteHalf way through the session they did an outfit chance and came out looking so stylish! I love the colors they chose and how they complimented the greens and tans of the environment we were shooting in. Outfit styles and colors are such an important part of making images look so great on camera. If you’re ever not sure what to wear to a session, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will assist in helping you choose!

When choosing two outfits for a session, I always recommend following what Yvette and Shema did, where they had one outfit that was more casual and the other outfit much more dressy. It provides a great variety for your photos and makes your photos that much more intriguing to the viewer!
Dressed up couple at engagement session Engaged couple walking through field Engaged couple looking at engagement ring Engaged couple in field in Savannah, Ga Black and white images of happy coupleY’all, these trees around here just get me! I’ve been in Savannah for 6 years now, but I just LOVE me some Spanish moss. Also, how gorgeous are these two?!?Engaged couple under Spanish moss tree Beautiful engaged couple in Savannah, GaAt this point in the session the wind was CRAZY, but these two handled it like total pros! I always love a little wind to blow the hair back and we certainly had that on this afternoon.Happy engaged couple Engaged couple walking in fieldWormsloe Historic Site is such a great spot for photos! I love not only the infamous tunnel of oaks, but also the areas off the beaten path that are still so gorgeous and not as heavily photographed. There is such a variety there! One thing to keep in mind when choosing Wormsloe as a shooting location is that it does cost to get in and shoot there. As of this writing, the cost is $10 per adult to enter the site, plus a $25 photography fee. There are reduced rates for seniors and children, so if you are wanted to do a family session there, that is something to keep in mind. You can check out more info on Wormsloe here.

Yvette and Shema will be back on the blog later this year after their Spring wedding, so be sure to check back to see more from these two!

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